aXe throwing

Janesvilles BEST AXE

We are excited to offer projected targets for all of our lanes. Targets and games will be projected onto the wood surface. With options like Zombie Hunters, Rotating Targets, and Tic-Tac-Toe, axe throwing has never been more exciting! You can even keep score with a simple click of a mouse.


$25 / hour

(Gets you full access to our projected targets and all the game option)

Our Axe Throwing Games

Try out any of these challenges at Papa Doc’s Axe Throwing

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse and fine tune your throwing skills while trying to take out all 10 zombies without hitting the friendly (albeit scared) yellow emoji. A game of nerves to take out the zombies one at a time!

A flock of different ducks become your new target – but let’s not hit the rubber ducky ok??  Each duck gives you a point, but the rubber ducky is -2. Choose to do this in a 5 or 10 frame game.

A classic game that will take your skill and logic to beat your opponent. Hit any column and your color chip falls. Get 4 to line up across, up and down, or diagnally for the win!

A classic game made more fun with axes! Pick X (axes) or O (targets) for your team and throw. Where you hit, just click and you get that square. But if the other team hits that spot, it clears it! So you can play offense and defense.

Our newly released seasonal game will keep your customers coming back for more! Bust the ornaments, star and stockings, with the larger items worth less points, and the smaller ones become harder – but a better pay out! 

Be careful however.. you don’t want to damage the presents!

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