aXe throwing

Who is papa doc?

Ever seen the movie 8 Mile? There is a rapper in the movie named Clarence who gets the nickname Papa Doc. Upon the movie’s release in 2002, a couple of brothers in Janesville began referring to their dad as Papa Doc. The nickname quickly caught on with their friends and just stuck around.

Janesville’s Papa Doc looked nothing like Papa Doc from 8 Mile and he definitely couldn’t rap but he did help shape his sons and their friends into the men they are today.

When Erik Long first started dreaming about bringing something new and fun to his hometown of Janesville, WI, the one person he wanted to share his vision with the most was his dad. Sadly, his dad had passed away in August of 2019, before this dream ever came to be.

We decided to honor the memory of Erik’s dad, AKA Papa Doc, by naming our axe throwing lanes Papa Docs!

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